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Link button attached to Custom Field

We have pdf files that are related to a person. For example:

  • Signed Church Covenant
  • Children release forms
  • Children Background forms
  • Spiritual Gifts questionare.
All these files are on the cloud on Google Drive.

The idea is that if we could have the option, when setting up a custom field, to add a linkable button to that field. This button link would have to be for each individual person and for each custom field. That way we could assign the file address to that button link and have access to that file with in Drive. Some Access permission level would be necessary for these.

I know that elvanto has a file storage option, but it is not convenient for us.


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Hi Pablo,

Thanks for the idea.

We currently have two feature requests in for something like this. 

  1. The ability to directly attach a file to a members profile.
  2. The ability to have a custom field that is a link.
I've added your support to both of these.

Hope this helps,

I also want to add my vote for ability to attach a file to a member's profile.

(sorry, couldn't find the other place where this was requested)