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Email notification for service notes

Would it be possible to have email notifications for when someone adds a note to a service? For example, if someone makes a note for our technical department, it'd be nice for the entire department (or those in the department that are scheduled for the given service) to receive an email saying a note has been added along with, possibly, who added the note and the content of the note.

Our use case here is that some departments in our church use the service notes, but then other will forget to check the notes before the service so we're scrambling to accommodate the request. I do know that the roster reminder has the link to the rostered service, which shows the note. I know I've been guilty of not clicking the link and missing a note, so this may be a nice option to allow more notification so requests/notes don't slip through the cracks.

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Hi Brian.

Thanks for the post.

There's a feature request to have a %service_notes% placeholder for the notification emails, and I've added your support to this request. I've also added  a new feature request for the 'Notify volunteers of new note' option.

Hope this helps,