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Custom Report - Graphics & Trends Over Time


Reports really help us at see how we are tracking as a church. But it would be so great if we were able to generate our custom reports to display over a period of time in the same way that some of the built-in statistic reports can display graphs. That way we can see how different elements in the church are tracking over time. 

It would also be great to see different ways to display the results of a custom report, whether it be in a graph, or a pie chart (if comparing percentages of membership etc. 

Any additional functionality to custom reporting, both in graphical representation and/or historical trends would be very helpful and much appreciated. 


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Hi Brendon,

Thanks for reaching out to us with this! There are some great ideas and feedback in here for Standard reports updates.

I'll be sure to pass these details on to the developers to consider when planning future updates.