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Event Calendars with Guests Attached linking to Checkin

Hi There

We are getting further into using the Event Calendars and love how we can attach forms etc to invite people but one extra step would be really good - the ability to link those confirmed as attending / and even those indicated as maybe and being able to link them to a service and check them in.

The checkin used by kids is great but to reduce the search parameters would be amazing.

Being able to do it directly from the event would be even better.  Open the event and have the ability to report attendance to the event / service (could be an additional reporting function similar to groups) and then submit report based on information within the event and possibly the ability to add additional people who hadn't RSVP...

What I am trying to do is streamline the process and be able to capture those who actually attended.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi Kristy

There's an existing request for having check-in for events, and I've added your support to this request.

Hope this helps,


darn..i JUST tried to find this feature as well....please add my vote for "event check-in" feature.  :)

In the mean time, ideas for a work around?  maybe use a form somehow?

Hi Isaac.

One way would be to create a service at the same time as the event, and as people come, you can check them in. It won't limit who can be checked in though.

I've added your support to this idea though as well.

Hope this helps,