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Filter Giving Statements

Is there a way to limit the giving statements to members or by the total amount given? It seems I have to go through and delete those we don't want to send. With all the filter available, perhaps I'm overlooking how to do that with giving statements.


Don McKenzie

Hi Don.

Thanks for the question.

Currently you can only limit it to specific Demographics, or people who have donated to specific accounts.

I've submitted a feature request for the ability to filter by People Categories and/or amounts for you.

Hope this helps,


I just wanted to add my vote to this feature request.

We provide quarterly giving statements to our members. We're looking to take advantage of the digital giving statements feature in Elvanto and would like to offer our members the ability to choose whether they'd like to receive the digitally or in printed form.

To do this, I've added a custom field to our users and we're going to send them a form via email where they can choose. For the time being, we may be able to work around this by creating a new demographic based on this field, but it'd be really nice to be able set up a query when generating the giving statements, just like in the people views.