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reports, metrics, etc..


Since V2 is well on its way (and I love it, BTW) how goes the battle on reporting front?  I really need to be able to create a dashboard for Senior Leadership that can cleanly show week by week giving, mixed w/ attendance with charts and such.

I've been looking at this ( and it seems to have all the reporting that I'm interested in but it doubles my work load if i have to export from Elvanto just to get the numbers on a weekly basis.  

They do have an API, and seeing is how Elvano offers and API endpoint reporting...something could be wired up - but I'd rather not do all that if you are actively working on some in-built reporting.

So....any plans to offer more reporting features?  If yes - rough idea on a timeline?

As always...THANKS! 

Hi Isaac

We haven't had a chance to start working on this much, but we are wanting to look into letting you have custom graphs and reports on your Admin area dashboard, using the new widgets feature that we've introduced. 

Hope this helps,


I second this, we simply can't wait any longer for simple reporting features...   The API is a good option, but we love elvanto and would like to mix these reports with pipeline reports. But we really need a timeline on when this is coming.. or should we just give up on elvanto reporting?  

Hi Laura

Thanks for the email.

At this stage I can't give any timelines but this is something that we've committed to working on in the future. You can view a list of things that we've committed to looking into on our Roadmap, which is available here

Hope this helps,