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modify "bug button" since we are out of BETA...

Greetings...I think this might be beneficial for everyone (Elvanto and us Users  ;) )

Within the settings...allow the ability to set the following.

1) who (what access group/individuals) can see/submit bugs..

2) allow ability to set "bug destination"...

3) allow bugs to be forwarded to Elvanto, when necessary..

...for example, since we are out of BETA and I have switched us over, I would not want everyone who can login to have the ability to submit allow me to control who even sees the "bug button"...

...additionally, since we (the beta testers) know better then our users how the system is supposed to work...allow us to be the recipients of bugs first (ie - let us triage the bug) and if its a real bug, and not just someone not understanding how the system is supposed to work...then we can forward the bug to Elvanto.

I imagine that this would drastically reduce the amount of (false) bugs that would get submitted to Elvanto.

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Hi Isaac,

Thanks for reaching out!

I'll pass this on as a feature request for the developers, but this bug icon will only be around for around 2 weeks.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you,