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Church Members Check In

We are trying to set up a procedure to help us check members into a service. This will help with pastoral care and eliminating people falling through the cracks. We want to do this as quiet and intrusive as possible. Has anyone got a method for doing this that is relatively easy and out of sight?

Hi Jess.

Good question!

This is a question that different churches will give you different answers to, as nearly every church does this differently.

Some churches have people that have checklists that they mark off as they see people during the day.

Some churches assign groups of people to leaders, and the leaders check that their group members are there during the services.

Other churches don't keep this out of sight, and have "Connect Cards" or similar for their members to fill in, to let the church know they've come. This usually comes with a quick announcement of "Please fill in your connect card so we can help make sure we're performing our pastoral care duties effectively"

Hope this helps,


We have our small group leaders set up to be able to do this directly into Elvanto.  They simply submit a group report for each of the services over the weekend.

As Elvanto is all web based they can do it from their seat, the back of the service or in their car on the way home...

It works mostly alright but it does rely on multiple leaders to look out for their groups - something they would be doing irrespective of capturing attendance.

Hope this helps.


Kristy, how do you set this up in Elvanto? Do you have to create group events each week in order for leaders to submit a report? Or can reports be submitted without a group actually "meeting"?

Hi Jay.

You can create group events if you want the automated emails, or you can simply go into the group and go "Submit Report" to submit a report for another time.


Hi Jay 

For us we have services set up to assist in the process.  As Stewart has mentioned the small group leader simply selects "submit report".  Upon doing this if a service is set up for that day the leader selects the service and then simply goes through indicating which people in their group are there.  Once they submit the report it flows through to the service count.

We also have people "behind the scenes" doing a double check through the mass add process.

Although it is never going to be an accurate count it does allow us to get a greater picture of who is regularly attending and it greatly assists us with Pastoral Care.

Hope this helps.