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Recording People who have completed a Course or Training

I'm interested in knowing what the best way is to record people who have completed courses (e.g. Alpha, Lifekeys, Marriage) and also those that have completed some of our training (e.g. GTM 1, GTM 2 and GTM 3) as well as keeping records of what people may have done externally from the church.

Is it groups or setting up custom fields?

Hi Karen.

Thanks for the question.

There's a number of different ways you could do this.

If it's a course that needs to be redone every few years, I would suggest using custom fields. A simple "Course completed on :" date type field will work.

If it's a once off course, that they probably won't be doing again, such as Pre-Marital courses, a People Flow would work well. You can then search for people that have completed the individual people flows.

Hope this helps,


I'm with Stewart - custom fields work great for this.  

An alternative, depending on your setup is that you can also use notes and have a category specific to "training" or the like.  That way you can pull out everyone over a given period who has a note attached to that category.  I use this for recording who goes on Missions Trips so that I can capture it over the years as some people attend more than 1.