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Group individual attendance

Hi Stewart,

I saw you mention something similar at the bottom of this post...

My issue is that the Group Individual Attendance report doesn't have the same functionality as the Service Individual Attendance report.

I would like to produce a combined list of individuals who have a attended a list of specific Groups. And then have that attendance data displayed in columns representing a weekly frequency across the date range of the report - just like the way the Service Individual Attendance report is able to filter by service type, I'd like to be able to filter by specified groups.

This way I can easily see if someone has attended "any" of the specified groups that week.

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Hi Andrew

Thanks for the request.

I'm just looking at how the current reports work, and noting down what I think would help suitable. Any feedback you can give would help the developers out in making this meet your needs.

  • An option to change the Reporting Frequency, in the same manner as the Service Individual Attendance report.
  • An option to collate people based on the groups, or to simply list everyone together.

Combining this with the "Groups I specify" option, or the existing group category filters, do you feel this would help meet your needs?

Happy to help,