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SuperAdmin ability to see what user sees

We are new Elvanto clients.  We are learning, and fine tuning Access Controls to be sure people can see and do what they need to, and to be sure people cannot see and do what they should not.

It would be very nice for a SuperAdmin to be able to choose a member, and then view the application as if they were that person (and without having to know the password). I'm also certain this will be useful for "tech support" into the future, not just while we are learning. In fact, I suspect Elvanto already may have such a feature for their own tech support.

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Hi Bill.

Thanks for the email.

Currently the only way to do this is to create a Test User, and assign them the locations, access permissions etc, to see what the other users can see.

There is a feature request for this though, and I've added your support to this request.

Hope this helps,