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Advanced Search by attendance to specific service types.

Hi Elvanto team,

Absolutely in love with Elvanto. It's so excellent.

In Elvanto we have a Service type for Sunday Church, and a service type for Friday Youth.

I would like to be able to search to see all people who have attended Friday Youth in the last 6 months. However, currently I can only search by people who have attended any service (I can't specify the service type).

I can filter it down by who is in the "Youth" demographic, however we have some people in the "Youth" demographic who just don't come to youth, but they do come to Sunday church. So they show up in the current search. Would like to avoid this.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi Michael.

Thanks for the question.

My suggestion would be to user a Service Individual Attendance Report, found under Services > Reports.

This allows you to report on the people that have attended a service, and allows you to filter by location, service type, demographics etc.

Hope this helps,


Maaaate! This is exactly what I was after. Just was looking in the wrong section ;)

Glad to help!

I have a question like the one above: I want to contact all the people who attended the PM service over the last term. I can generate the report using the method described above, but then how do i contact them?

Hi Graeme

Unfortunately there's no really easy way to do this directly at this stage.

You could export that report and use it as an import file to set a custom field before searching for that field, but that's a rather long process, and not the best way of doing things at all!