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Volunteer Check-in

We are at the point where a real Volunteer Check-in is absolutely necessary.  I am very surprised this is not already in the feature requests as we have been waiting on this for some time.  We need to be able to check scheduled volunteers in (we don't want it to print labels, although that may be beneficial to some churches.) We just need to be able to link up confirmed or unresponsive schedule requests with actual check-ins.  We would then need to be able to run reports for "missing volunteers" for each service and over time.. For example: a list of volunteers that were scheduled but no-showed this past weekend, or this month.  What would be even better is if we could look at specific departments' no shows over time. etc.

A step further would be for a text to the "reporting to" leader saying that one of their reporting volunteers is late for check in, after a customizable amount of time (minutes)...

I'm sure other churches will have other applications, but those are our top immediate needs...

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Hi Laura

Thanks for the post.

This is something that we've looked into and are considering for a future update. 

We hadn't originally thought of the notification for missing volunteers, but it's definitely a possibility for us to look into.

Hope this helps,