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Search for YouTube videos rather than needing the specific URL / Embed Code

In Planning Center, if I want to include Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, etc... for a song. I can do that really quickly because they allow you to search for the songs directly from each service's API. So I just type in "Lift Your Head Weary Sinner" and then I can attach each one that I'd like.

Would you consider supporting something similar to that?

I think there's is even a little cumbersome when you're adding a lot of songs. What I'd love to see is a central search tool that would display details for all services in one section and then you could mass add whichever ones you want.

their's.. blah. GRAMMAR! :D

Hi Kennon.

Grammar is definitely something we all struggle with. Not something I get right all the time either.

I wasn't aware that PCO did this, but it's definitely something we've spoken about before, as it was something we thought of as being cool, and definitely something could be useful for our customers.

I can't give a timeline for this currently though, but it's definitely in the pipeline.

Hope this helps,


:)  Thanks.