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View Volunteers By Scheduled Time

Would it be possible to add a view when planning a service that shows the volunteers scheduled by time instead of just a listing of everyone?


I set up those designations, but then it causes issues in the Service's Volunteer section where you have two folders of people, or the descriptions aren't helpful anymore. With the above listing, then it shows the volunteer's name in the "8:00" grouping of the service and their "position" is called 8:00, which doesn't tell us where they should be serving.

Ideally I'd like this view everywhere when scheduling...

Does that make sense, or should I outline it a little more?

Hi Kennon

It's not currently possible, but the developers have started working on an option for something like this. It's still a work in progress though, so I don't have much to show you at this stage.

Keep your eyes peeled and this will appear in the release notes some time next year.

Hope this helps,


Great to hear! Thanks. :)