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Reports on Group attendnace

Hi guys

I know that this has been raised but I am unable to find it.

We really need the ability to produce a report based on group attendance - but for that attendance to only include group attendance - NOT service attendance that is submitted via group reporting.

I know the functionality is there as within the Activity tab on People it only shows TRUE group attendance - but for some reason the rules have not been applied to the group reports.

As we have limited ability to run reports on group attendance I am restricted to using those provided however I always have to allow an hour to feed my way through the report and remove service attendance and given groups don't always meet on the same day I have to go through each group individually.

Can this please be something that is looked into.  There may be others that like the fact that both group and service attendance is picked up but I'm sure there are others like me that need to look solely at the group attendance.



Hi Kristy

This is something that we're wanting to look into in the future.

At this time I can't give any timeframe on it though.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart 

Is there any way I can pull the data then without me having to go through such a manual process?

Hi Kristy.

The only thing that I can currently think of would be to export both a service individual attendance report, and a group individual attendance report, and compare the two either manually or using a program such as Excel.

There might be some case where this isn't 100% accurate though, as sometimes a group might be held on the same day as a service, but not be connected to the service.

Hope this helps,