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Please provide some Volunteer/Dept/Team Reports and tools

We have over 400 people involved in over 100 "Department Positions" in Elvanto. But it's so hard to manage them.

Sure, team leaders can to do an Adv search for the people in their team... but anything higher level than that... it's just a mess. For example, our "Membership Dept" has "Setup", "Welcomers", "Connect Point", "Swat", "Integrations", "Social", "NextStep" teams, each with 5-15 people in them. And that's just at ONE congregation.

It's so hard for the Membership Dept to see all the people in their various teams and know who's on what. Team leaders end up creating their OWN LIST in excel just to manage it... (oh the horror!!).

Can we get something for this asap? Maybe even an Adv search that doesn't list "Individuals" or "Families", but "Dept Positions"?

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Hi Dave

Thanks for the request.

We're wanting to look into a few department related reports in the near future, including the "Department Positions" report that you've mentioned.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart - If you are talking about creating the ability to do this with custom reports / advance searches then that would be great.  It really needs to go beyond the system delivered reports.


Hi Kristy

There's a number of things we want to do. 

  • Add the "Department Positions" built-in report as mentioned
  • Add some filter options to custom reports
  • Improve functionality of all built-in reports