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Generating a giving number

We've been using Elvanto for well over a year now and we're loving it. One of the last few pieces that we're looking to start using is the financials. I spent a few hours this afternoon training our book keeper and she's loving all of the features that Elvanto offers for financial tracking. One feature she was really hoping to have was the ability to generate giving numbers.

Our use case would be that she's creating a batch and entering the transactions for the given week, she gets to a new member that's not yet in Elvanto, so she adds a new person from the Add Transaction modal. She wants to give the member a giving number, but rather than having to keep track of what the next available number is, it'd be nice if there was a button that filled the field with the next available number.

There are two ways I could see this being done:

  • The first would be to find the next largest given number in the system and add one to get the next number, For example, if I currently have people with giving numbers of 1, 2 and 4, it'd return 5.
  • The other way would be to find the next available giving number. For example, if I currently have people with giving numbers of 1, 2 and 4, it'd return 3.
This "generate giving number" feature would be useful across Elvanto, both in the "Add Transaction" modal and from the main page for a person (when adding or editing a person).

An example of what I'm picturing is attached.

Hi Brian

Thanks for the request.

Under Settings > Financial there is an option in there for "Auto Generate Giving Numbers" which you can enable so that these Giving Numbers are randomly generated when needed. At this stage it can't be set to be a sequential set of numbers though.

Would this help meet your needs?


I wasn't aware of this setting. I'll definitely look into it and I'd imagine that it should be sufficient.