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Unsubscribe To Mail Template

Hi Elvanto,

I currently have a "problem", where multiple departments in our church use the mass email feature, and so when someone clicks the unsubscribe link the email, they end up unsubscribing to ALL emails we send (which they may not have wanted).

As an example, our creative team has a weekly email talking about the upcoming songs to learn etc. Let's say a guy called "Joe" doesn't want these emails. That's fine. So he clicks unsubscribe. But then suddenly now any emails that a different department ("Joe" is also involved in the kids team) don't reach Joe! The kids team wants to organise a planning meeting but the message misses Joe because he clicked unsubscribe in the creative teams email, but that didn't necessarily mean he wanted to opt-out from Kids Church emails.

Is there a way in the future that maybe the unsubscribe link could be associated with specific email templates maybe? So every time the creative team sends an email using the creative template, if someone clicks unsubscribe on that, then they will no longer receive email that was created with the "Creative" template. They can then continue to receive the "kids church" template.

Not sure how hard this is to implement since you're using third parties for mass emails but thought I'd at least ask and see if it was a possibility or if I need to think about a different way to do mass emails.

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Hi Michael

Thanks for the request.

We've got a number of features that we're wanting to look into in the future which will help with this.

At this stage I'd suggest looking into integrating with Mailchimp and using Mailchimp to send your weekly newsletters and reserving Elvanto's email facilities to send more general contact emails.

You can also edit the unsubscribe message under Settings > Communications and it might be useful to add in some text of "Unsubscribing will unsubscribing you from all Elvanto emails" to ensure people know what unsubscribing will do.