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Saved "Smart" Reports

I wanted to see if I'm missing something here, or if this is possibly a feature request.

Our pastor would like an "easy" way to see attendance for time periods. I thought I could setup some saved reports that were for different preferred time periods (current month, last 6 months, last year). But when I create these queries and save the report, it saves it as that specific time period and it isn't updated over time.

I know when I setup an email report to go out, that report is regenerated on that day. Is there a way for this to happen in Elvanto? Or is that a feature that only works when emailed?


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Hi Kennon.

In the case of these built in reports, it's easiest to add them into a Comprehensive Report. This allows you to quickly save the reports in a single list, and they all get generated at once with the saved filters in place.

The other way of doing this, is to simply generate the report and bookmark the URL. The URL contains the filters that are in place and visiting the same url will dynamically update the report based on the current results.

Hope this helps,


Ok great. Thanks. :)

So I setup a Comprehensive Report. Do I need to hit Edit > Generate to update the stats, or will this update every time I click the title?

Hi Kennon

The data is generated whenever you open the report. Just clicking on the title is enough.


Looking back at Kennon's description, I think he (and we) would also like to have time period selectors when we are building a report, which would be dynamic, and calculated based on the date that a person was generating the report. Choices like:

Previous 7 days

Previous 14 days

Previous calendar week

Previous calendar month

Current calendar month

This would be especially useful with the report email feature, so that the user could get a report on a certain schedule, but not have change the conditions to a new date range each time. 

If you're emailing this already occurs. I have a service report that is emailed to our staff every week with just that Sunday's details. It's just when you save the report that the date is baked into the report. Making a comprehensive report is a good stop gap solution. This works well for our attendance over time report for our senior pastor.
That message didn't save any of my formatting. I'm sorry for all of the run-on-y sentences. :D

Hi Bill.

Most of the built in reports allow you to specify these dynamic ranges. Simply click the date range dropdown and it gives you a number of options.

(I think this is what Kennon was wanting to say as well!)

The Comprehensive reports can have multiple built in reports with these dynamic date ranges inside them.


Thanks, Stewart. I'd love to have those available in all custom reports, but it's good to know they are in the built-ins.