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Childrens Checks


Something really important, especially here in Aus is requiring all volunteers have the relevant checks in place to be able to work in their ministry.

A classic example is the Childrens ministry it is a legal requirement in Aus that all adults have a current working with childrens check.

We are currently recording this manually on a spreadsheet but because Elvanto is our church database and management system it would make sense to at minimum have a checkbox that says they have it and their number (issued by the government).

Thoughts on this?



Hi Dan.

While we'd love to have this inbuilt in the system, there's not an easy way for us to add this in to cover all the possibilities using built-in methods. Even here in Australia there's different requirements across the different states, although most follow similar to VIC/NSW with the WWCC system, QLD has it's own and rather different Bluecard system. When you start looking internationally, this becomes even more complicated.

What you can do though is add in Custom Fields to record the data you need and generate custom reports to report on the data that you need.

The following help articles will help.

I'd also suggest checking out the example Bluecard report on our Demo site. 

Hope this helps,


Hi Dan, this is how we have overcome this, by using custom fields (see attachment)
Hope it helps