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Calendar Notifications

I'm not currently seeing this, but I was wondering if you all have email notifications for calendar events on your radar?

What I'd love to see happen is:

1. Person 1 creates an event on the calendar and invites the following people (myself, our pastor, and another member).

2. They receive emails asking them to confirm.

3. Once confirmed they also receive a reminder email on the morning of the event.

I think 1& 2 are easily accomplished by the guest list for the event. But is there a way to easily send a reminder on the day of? 

I've tried to hook up the calendar to Google for their daily notifications but their sync is really spotty and half the events don't come through in a timely fashion.


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Hi Kennon

Thanks for the request.

Currently it's not in the system but it's not that far away that we wouldn't be able to add it into the system in the future.

I've put a feature request in for 3 for you.

Hope this helps,


Thanks! :)