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External URL in Member Navigation

I love that I can add navigation elements for members to the top navigation bar. I'd love if I could use that to link to external content.

For instance, since we have this SongBook app we've been toying with, it'd be great if I could add an item in the menu and have that go outside of Elvanto.

What I've done in the interim is just add a JS redirect using `window.location`. But that's inelegant. :)

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Hi Kennon.

Thanks for the post.

Just so I'm clear on this, basically you'd want the link to change depending on the page that you're viewing within Elvanto?

Would you be able to give any examples of how this would work?


Sorry for not being clear enough.

Basically what I'm thinking is something more simple.

• Add a new Page.

• Create a name.

• Have a text field for an external url.

When that's defined, clicking on the item in the navigation bar wouldn't take you to an internal Elvanto page, but it would take you to the URL that was put in that text field.

Here's a really quick example.

Hi Kennon.

Under Settings > Layouts > (Chosen Layout) > Menu Editor you can add in Custom links specifically for this.

Hope this helps,


Oh great! Thanks!