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Kids Checkin "Print Room Checkins" Button

Greetings, can I please offer a suggestion that we would very much like to see/use in the Kids Check-in page that I'm sure others would benefit from.  

We'd like to see a button that can be pressed after all check-ins have been done that will automatically print a report of TODAYs  check-ins for each room on a separate page to be given to each of the room leaders.

Our idea being that if there was a fire or emergency, we have a hard copy of all children checked in and their rooms and also from a security point of the room leaders knowing exactly how many & who should be in their rooms on the day.

Currently this is possible via multiple steps to customise the report but not all of our check-in staff are adept at computer use and we find it hit and miss when reports are printed.   We'd like to consistently & easily be able to generate this report/s via a button next to the print labels buttons.  We have a printer attached for this reason.  

I have a attached a couple of examples of what we are hoping for ...

 - one, an example of where we'd like to see the button
 - two, an example of the type of auto content report it should generate (but rooms on separate pages)

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Hi Cindy

Thanks for the request.

If you've generated the report as you need it, you can bookmark that particular report and come back to it at another time. The options for the report are saved in the report of the generated report and can be re-used as needed.

Alternatively, if you simply use the browsers Print command (Ctrl/Cmd + P) on the room page, it will print out a nice list without the sidebar etc.

Hope this helps,