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Printing Address Labels Using DYMO LabelWriter

Is there a way to print address labels using a DYMO LabelWriter printer?

I was able to generate a PDF file for printing on the standard Avery labels, following the instructions from this forum.

(1) Advanced Search to generate a list of people

(2) Contact People ==> Send a Letter ==> Generate Address Labels

However, this generates a PDF file for use on a standard printer, and I'm not sure how to go from here to get the address labels printed using a DYMO LabelWriter printer.

Thank you for your help!


Hi James.

At this stage it's not possible. The PDF is designed to be used with Avery Labels though, and you can change the size of the labels under Settings > Account if you're a super admin.

Hope this helps,


Thank you, Stewart, for your kind reply.

Is there a process for exporting the address label data into the MS Excel or CSV format, and then use the DYMO Label software for printing?


Glad I can help.

Once you have a CSV file you can import that file into Dymo and it can handle a mail-merge of the CSV file to a template you can create within the Dymo software.