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Publishing a Service

Would it be possible to add more functionality options for the 'Publish' settings for a service?

As far as I can tell, currently, the 'Publish' toggle just controls whether the service shows up on the calendar of services and whether these details are available to volunteers or not.

Would it be possible to add additional options to this where a second 'publishing' button or set of options could be attached to this?

We want our services to show in the calendar all the time, so will pre-populate far in advance with titles of 'Morning Service' and 'Evening Service' and have them as set as 'published' for them to be visible in the calendar. Nearer the time, we would add in specifics like series, title etc as we know it and then, ultimately, the actual service plan.

It would be really nice to be able to have the services show in the calendar publicly without it being tie to the rest of the publishing feature, if possible.

Additional really useful options for the 'publishing' feature would be:

  • Dashboard notifications that the plan/details is ready
  • Email notification to a pre-defined group, department etc that the service plan is available
  • Push notification in the app
  • The option to automatically publish to the web the web-view available via the 'print' option (or a customised version of it) without having to do this manually. One way of doing this would be to get it to insert a link or embed the details in the pop-out box that you get when clicking on a service in the member area calendar?



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Hi Alistair,

Thanks for the questions.

There's a number of things that we're wanting to do both with the Mobile App when it comes to notifications that you've mentioned as well as a bit more modular options with services which are similar to what you've mentioned.

The ability to show draft services in the calendar would definitely be useful to help make sure that people know when services are on.

One thing that's been requested in the past that we've considered is the ability to have the plan and the roster as seperate things to publish. If we get enough support for notifications when everything is ready it's something we can look at as well but at this stage we haven't looked at that.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart, looking forward to better notifications and modular approach when they come!