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Integration with Vision6

It would be great to have Elvanto integrate with Vision6 in a similar way to the way it integrates with mailchimp. We've recently moved to using Vision6 because they store their data on Australian servers so we can comply with Australia Privacy requirements. 

I realise it takes some cooperation on the part of both companies - if there is anything I can do to encourage Vision6 to be cooperative, please let me know!

Thanks for your work!


Hi Hannah,

Thanks for the request. I used to walk past an office that had "Vision6" on their sign but never knew what they did! That's interesting. 

From a technical possibility this is definitely possible and something we can look into. We were going to look into integrating with Campaign Monitor as they used to be Australian as well, but unfortunately they're not anymore :(


Yes we explored Campaign monitor as an alternative but then they moved overseas. 

Vision 6 have similar functionality to mailchimp. They don't have a large "free" bracket like mailchimp do which means that most churches are going to be attracted to mailchimp first. Once your contact list is around 2000 subscribers vision 6 becomes cheaper than mailchimp. However, if data storage location is important, Vision 6 is definitely an option. 

Thanks for looking into this!