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Asset conflict

We have had several times when someone has booked an asset that has conflicted with another event using the same asset.

They have received the conflict warning but ignored it, accidentally or otherwise.

As an administrator, I cannot even see who booked the asset first (no date/time record displayed or kept in the database)

We do not wish to approve every asset but would rather that a user cannot double book an asset without discussing with the other event organiser, and the 2nd organiser removing the booked asset if need be.


1) The Conflict warning would not have the Ignore Conflict button, and would also include the name of the other Event Organiser.

2) The date/time of a booked asset could be displayed when viewing a calendar event, perhaps on clicking the item.

3) An administrator can still overwrite any booking, for example if the original booking event organiser is away and unable to remove their initial booking.



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Hi Evan,

Thanks for the email.

At this stage there's no setting for the ability to ignore conflicts or not. When the asset administrator is given the asset request though, if the asset is conflicting with another event it will appear in the asset request.

At this stage the only way to see which one booked first is by looking at the times that the email was sent though. When it comes to administrators overwriting the booking, the only way this is currently possible is by giving them access to edit events created by others.

I'll put a feature request in for the following though.

  • The ability to set it so that people can't ignore the conflict
  • Have the date and time the asset was booked in the notification
Hope this helps,