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Setting up barcode scanner check-in

Hi, can anyone help me setup barcode scanner check-in for our kids? link doesn’t work seems to stop very suddenly

I'm still wondering things like:

How do we make the codes? How do we print the codes?

How do we link a code to a child in Elvanto?

How do we actually use it on the day? Do we have to open a special window?

Will Elvanto just pick up the USB scanner?

thanks, graeme

Hi Graeme!

Thanks for the question. Can I just check where you getting linked to That's a rather old link that shouldn't be appearing anywhere.

To answer your questions though.

  • The codes need to line up with the "Security Code" next to the persons profile. 
  • How you print the code doesn't matter exactly. There's a number of different tools available to print the barcodes out. You can do a MailMerge with an online Barcode Generator such as Avery's design software, or even the Dymo software you'd have installed for your Check-in labels can print the Barcode labels.
  • You can certainly use it on the day. When you open Self Check-in it will give you an option for the "Type" of check-in. If you select "Quick Check-in" this is designed specifically for barcode.
  • Elvanto itself doesn't pick up the barcode scanner. The computer recognises the scanner as a keyboard. When you scan the barcode it should enter the code directly into the text field and search. Most scanners will simulate typing the code and pressing the Enter button.
You might also want to look at our new Children's Ministry manual which talks about this a bit more, as well as Check-in in General and some other topics.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Stewart, I've worked through those instructions as best I can.

Firstly generating barcodes from existing security codes seemed very easy, I just downloaded a font. Is it really that easy?

Secondly I'm now at the check-in screen where it says 'scan barcode'. The cursor is flashing on the screen and I am pointing the gun at the barcode and pulling the trigger. But nothing happens. I checked 'Device Manager' and the computer is picking up the scanner under 'HID Keyboard Device'.

What have i missed?


Hi Graeme.

Downloading a font is another way of generating the codes! So yes... it really is that easy!

For the barcode scanner though, can you see if it will input into another program such as Word or Notepad/TextEdit and see if it inputs the values when you scan in there? (And while you're at it, make sure that the values you're scanning line up with the security codes.

If the scanner is working in the other programs it might be an issue with the browser not picking up the keyboard, or the browser not having permission to use that keyboard. Restarting the computer or the browser might be all that's needed.

If it's not working in the other programs it will likely be an issue with the scanner itself being faulty.


Thanks Stewart, sorry to ask so many questions.

So a barcode scanner will just 'type' directly into a word document? I didn't know that. Mine doesn't - yet. I will keep working on it.


Hi Stewart, so I am making progress. (I'll post my notes here in case they help others)

So I've learned that a barcode scanner is essentially a keyboard and will just type into a word document.

I have verified the scanner itself works by testing it on a few books from my shelf. An IT friend suggested that and it worked fine.

I've found that none of the free fonts work. I tried three free fonts - 'font 3 or 9' 'idahcm' and 'code 39 logitogo'. I can't get any result from any of them. Am I doing something wrong?

I found that one of the freeware code generators does work. It's a bit of a fiddle to set up with Excel, but it does the job.

haven't tried to actually check anyone into elvanto yet

Hi Graeme,

It's a shame that the fonts weren't working, a Code39 based font should work, but that depends on printer quality and the font itself being accurate, but what you've said about the scanner works as a keyboard is correct. It helps make using the barcode scanner a lot easier to work with.

Once you've got it scanning accurately though, it should just be case of opening up the Quick Check-in area and away you go!