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Additional people columns for Built-in reports

For built-in reports such as "Service Individual Attendance" it is helpful to be able to display additional columns. One column which is valuable for our ministry (because the large numbers of international students) is the "Preferred Name" field. I like the way that this report automatically displays the person's "First Name" in the "Preferred Name" column when the "Preferred Name" field is empty.

However, when the "Preferred Name" column is displayed as an "Additional People Column" for this report, for all intents and purposes, it makes the "First Name" column redundant and a waste of space in the report because of all the people who have no "Preferred Name" apart from their "First Name".

My suggestion...

- rename "Additional People Columns" to simply "Displayed People Columns"

- include "First Name" and "Last Name" as checked-by-default fields to display in this report

This would allow a user to choose whether First Name or Preferred Name (or both) is displayed in the report, as well as being able to select in one place which columns should be displayed.

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Hi Andrew!

Thanks for the email.

This is an interesting idea and should be something we can run with. I've put a feature request in for this.