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Event set up and/or pack up time between bookings

Currently when you book an event you have to include the set up and pack up time in the event booking, meaning that say a wedding that starts at 2pm (but needs to be booked from 12pm to allow rehearsal and set up time) appears in the calendar as a 12pm wedding! the only solution for this currently is to make three different bookings Set up, Event and Pack up which is a pain and people will not do.

This has already created problems with people being given the wrong information about start times for events.

At present I have been making a note about the start time in the notes section however this does not appear on the calendar.

In a similar way with Assets in the admin section, it would be great for each event to have the ability to have its own set up and pack up time.

Thanks Elvanto!

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Hi Evan,

Thanks for the request.

For this instance, if the Wedding is in a hall/room, if you simply book an asset that corresponds to that Hall/Room and have it with a 2 hour setup/packup time, would that meet your needs at all?