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Volunteer Groupings & Management


So after doing some volunteer management on our team, we have a few rough spots that I think could be a little better with a few changes.

1. It'd be nice if we didn't have to designate "sub-departments" on a team. We have a breakdown for our Kids Team like so:

KidZone -> BabyZone -> Helpers

KidZone -> ToddlerZone -> Helpers

It'd be nice, if we could just have "BabyZone" helpers instead of that 3rd sub-category. Right now it requires us to have that sub-department.

2. Management of existing groups, if changing the layout of groups

Another pain point is if we want to "shift" any groupings around we have to re-assign everyone to the new groups. I don't think there's a way to "move" one group to another and keep all the assigned volunteers in the group?

Anyway, just a few thoughts. 


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Hi Kennon,

Thanks for the question.

There's a feature request for this and I'll add in your support to the request.

For now though it might be best to simply restructure how you have your department set up.

So instead of what you currently have, structure it in the following manner.

KidZone -> Helpers -> BabyZone, ToddlerZone

KidZone -> Teachers -> YoungKidz, OlderKidz

Or alternatively, if you have another department that's not being used, you could put KidZone as a sub-department in there as well.

Helpers -> Kidzone -> BabyZone, ToddlerZone, YoungKidz, OlderKidz

Helpers -> Others -> Others 

And because I forgot to mention the changing the layout, I'm assuming you're talking about changing the layout of the departments.

Under Settings > Departments you'll see "Merge Positions" - This allows you to specify a new position and the old position. The system will then mark anyone that's assigned to the old position as assigned to the new position, and then delete the old position. It also transfers any rostering that you've done with the old position.

Ah thanks. Sometimes it's helpful just to have another mind look at things. :D