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OAuth refresh token error

I am not able to get a new access token using an existing refresh token using a PHP app I develop.

I follow the guide/example given in and on GitHub.

I manage to get the first "cycle" to work well and get the access token, refresh token and expire time. I want to get a new access token using the refresh token, but when I use the PHP API wrapper I only get a "access denied" error message. As I understand this message is given if the user didn't grant access. But how is that applicable in this context?

Please, shed some light on this :)


Hi Thomas.

Would you be able to share some of the code where you're making the calls to get the new token? Are you using our PHP API Wrapper, or are you using custom code? 



It would seem like I have tried using the AccessToken instead of RefreshToken when trying to refresh the token. I discovered it not until I pasted some code into this form (I was really getting blind here..).

Sorry for the inconvenience :)


That's ok Thomas!

Glad you managed to fix the issue.