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Check-In Kiosks

Hi everyone,

We're looking to build/buy some check-in kiosks that work with Elvanto in order to improve the look/ease of our check-in system, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of where to buy/what they built/how they made their check-in systems look good!

At the moment, we have 3 very busy tables with laptops and printers, and it all looks a little messy!! Any thoughts/ideas/pictures would be wonderful!!



Hi Will!

No-one's ever shared with me their check-in Kiosks, so I'd love to see this as well.

I would suggest at looking into using either a Microsoft Surface Pro, or a Touch Screen Computer (HP All-in-one etc) though for your check-in over Android tablets or iPads, as they're capable of running the printers directly and you won't need to have a print station up and running somewhere. These are a little bit more expensive, but easier to set up in the long run. You then just need a suitable platform to put the computer + printer on.


Hi Stewart

Jumping into this conversation as I am exploring this as well.  

We currently use 3 ipads for our check in where a family can check in all children with a simple click of the button.  Labels are external to this.

Ideally I don't want to purchase anything else - except for a the labelwriters but the information is a little bit vague.  Am I correct in assuming that a computer is NOT required and that an ipad is sufficient or is it that a computer is required behind the scenes in order for the "print station" to work and you can simply use the ipad to send to.... Am I able to connect the labelwriter to an ipad?

Also, some of the information implies setting up the printer per room?  That would increase the load of my parents that check-in across all 3 rooms?  Can a parent check in all kids from 1 station and receive labels accordingly?

Do I have flexibility on what to display on labels or is it pre-determined?

Sorry for all the questions.  Any and all information would be appreciated.


Hi Kristy!

Thanks for the questions.

Unfortunately iPads can't print by themselves. The Dymo Label software needs a computer running Windows, or Mac OSX in order to run. iOS devices can't run the software. You will need a computer to run the label printers. Through the wonders of networked USB ports, such as those on an Airport express, you can connect the printer to the airport express though and have the computer connected to the printer through the network. 

I've drawn a quick diagram up, hopefully it illustrates how this works.

Regarding printers-per-room, this isn't needed. It's optional. Most people will have a central check-in area and have a printer per iPad, although some will do multiple iPads per printer, I wouldn't recommend doing more than 3 iPads per printer though.

You can customize what prints on the labels under Settings > Check-in > Label Printing.

If you haven't already I'd strongly suggest reading our Childrens Ministry Manual which has a section dedicated to check-in.

Hope this helps,