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Roster per team

What is currently missing:

- How can a team leader (for example welcome team) create a roster for his team without displaying and have the right to edit the roster of all the other departments. Typically somebody would create all the services/events and all team leaders will roster just their team. 

- How can a team leader print a roster for his team for 3..6..12 months without displaying all the other departments



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Hi Marcel,

Thanks for the questions.

These are both feature requests that were wanting to look into in the future. I've added your support to these requests.

Hope this helps,



I am wondering when you say 'team' are you referring to the Elvanto Teams or are you referring to the team that is setup within a department / position?  



I'm talking about a team that is setup within a department/position. Example: We have about 10 people in church which are responsible for the beamer. They show the slides and song texts during the sermon. This team has a team leader. He is responsible to roster his team.

- Today the team leader can't print a roster just for his beamer team.

- Today the team leader could also roster all the other teams because we can't limit his rights to roster just his team.

Hi Marcel

Your team leaders should be able to print rosters just for their team - we do it all the time as our make up seems quite similar.  You should be able to specify only the Department you want included in the print.

With the rostering of other teams - I can relate, however this can be minimised by having a lockdown of Department within the access permissions.  Not sure if this is something you have done.  I have team leaders who can only see people from their department.  There is still a limitation as they can see the other departments but you should be able to reduce the broadness of that risk.

Not sure if any of this helps.