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Service Teams vs. Groups

A Band is a "Service Team" but it's also a Group with Band-Meetings. Today we have to create and manage the same Band twice in Elvanto because we use the functionalities of a Service Team (for rostering) and the functionalities of a Group (mail to group, event planing). I think these two types of groups should be merged. Each Service Team is also a Group.

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Hi Marcel,

Thanks for the request.

At this stage we have no plans on merging Service Teams and groups. You can already contact service teams by viewing the list of teams, or by viewing an individual team. We're wanting to look at ways of creating people views/reports on service teams which will help with event planning as required.

Hope this helps,


Hey Marcel,

I totally see your dilemma here. Hopefully, our set up can help you a little.

I use is a whole heap of people views. I seriously have at the very least 30 people views available and I share the different ones with people who may find those particular views helpful (ie. my Sunday school coordinators can view the kids view, the overall teachers view and a view for each of the classroom teachers). Being able to contact those groups or invite them to an event makes this a nice feature.

Using custom fields in the people category editor, you can add things like "Worship team #1" or whatever you want really, which you can use to create additional people views, without having to manage a group. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the ability to edit the teams section when that box is checked or unchecked, so there's still some additional management required, but could be easier than managing a group

A feature that isn't available, but would definitely help you, is if they added the ability to edit teams through people flows. That way you could just create a people flow with two steps, one for adding people to a team and one for removing them from a team and it would automate the whole process for you.

Just my two cents, hope it helps.