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Preferred rostering frequency

My church is currently looking for a church management system and have narrowed our choices down to PCO and Elvanto. We have finally decided to go with Elvanto as for now we find that Elvanto suits our needs best as a small growing church.

However, there is one feature that a few of us, as services/rostering coordinators, will sorely miss, that is: the ability to set preferred rostering frequency, a feature we have seen and tested in PCO Services.

Our church aims to reach international students in Melbourne, and most of our volunteers are international students who study full-time. In addition, we are a small and growing church where we often have volunteers serving in multiple departments. Although having volunteers serve as often as possible is great, we want the students to also have time for their studies and honour their parents (who might not be Christians yet) who paid so much for their studies and living costs. On the other hand we also have newly married volunteer couples who would prefer to be scheduled together and couples with toddlers who prefer not be scheduled together because one person needs to hold the fort.

It would be really super awesome if Elvanto could prioritise adding these features for setting rostering preferences:

  • Ability to set preferred general rostering frequency per person
    This means for any departments, the person can set a general preference to be rostered for up to 'X' number of times per 'Y' month(s) and up to 'Z' times a day maximum. The default setting would be 'as often as needed'.
  • Ability to set a person's preferred rostering frequency PER department
    For example the main department of a volunteer is Children's ministry but she also plays the piano to help out. It would be awesome to be able to set her preferred rostering frequency for Children's ministry as up to for example 3 times per month and the piano rostering to 1 time per 2 months. The default setting per department per person would be 'as often as needed'.
  • For a volunteer who has a spouse/partner, the ability to set whether to be scheduled together or separately
    Partners and newly married couples usually would prefer to be scheduled together whilst families with toddlers would need to be scheduled separately as one person needs to hold the fort. The default preference would be set to 'no preference'.
  • These settings to be considered by the auto-scheduling feature
    The auto-scheduling feature is awesome, but can be even more awesome if it can take into account all of these rostering preferences.

I know there are already numerous posts to request these features, and I'd like to add my vote as this is something highly desired by many churches as far as I can see.

Anyway, great job for the awesome system and keep it up! God bless!! :D

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Hi Adrian.

Thanks for the request. I think this is the most detail someone has gone into on a forum post for this request before!

As you've said though, it has been requested before. We would like to look into this at some point in the future.

Hope this helps,