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Allow more customization of embedded calendar views

The current embedded calendar views has some great functionality in terms of being able to get access to things like maps and registration butrons, etc. The styling of the calendar views, especially the list ciew, isn't very flexible. I'm requesting the following functionality: 1) allow for embedded list view to display different icons for the event such as a calendar with month and day. Allow for the icon color to be changed so it better matches the look and feel of a website. Ideally a drag and drop UI for both the event list and the event details would be awesome. 2) allow the embedded calendar view to be filtered by month. Right now it shows all events for all months. If they were broken down by month with navigation to the next/previous month that would be great. Even better would be to show the current months event from today to the end of the month plus the navigation to next/previous month. 3) display the contact/organizer for the event.
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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the suggestions.

Regarding the different icon, the embedded calendar and event list will display whatever icon you've uploaded for that event. When you edit an event in Elvanto you can click on the icon above the 'Previous/Next' buttons, and give it it's own icon there. That way it will show the same icon on the embedded list :)

For the Previous/Next month in the events list, this is something that's been requested before and I'll add your support to. 

I'll put a feature request in for the ability to add the Organizer's details to an embedded calendar for you. Most likely this will be a per-event settings.

For now, to help with number 2 I would suggest looking into our APIs calendar/events/getAll endpoint.

Hope this helps