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Member Care

It would be great if there was a feature that could help manage member care issues (new baby, etc) where someone could assign tasks or they could be self-assigned. For example, if someone had a new baby the system would track if there were meals set up, visits, etc depending on the issue.
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Hi Steve

Thanks for the question.

I would strongly suggest having a look at our People Flows and Notes features for this.

With a People Flow you can create pre-defined 'Pathways' of care, which is useful for caring for people where the steps are usually the same for each person that needs that type of care, or follow up. This would be useful for your 'New Baby Care' processes. A lot of people also use these for their 'New People' follow up.

Notes can be used in conjunction, or separately to your people flows and is useful for one-off pastoral care.

Hope this helps,