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Roster dependencies

Sometimes we have people on multiple rosters who can (and prefer) to do two serving roles (in different departments) at the same service. Or groups of people who partner across different departments. It would be nice if there was way to set roster dependencies so that when roster one on, the other is rostered on to (either automatically or as suggestion). e.g. one person on set up roster and morning tea roster on same service. Or two people (married couple) on same service, one on set up and one on morning tea.

In some sense, this would kind of be the opposite to notifying of a clash. 

Teams are great for people on same department, but this is about pairing people/groups across departments.

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Hi Rodney,

Thanks for the email.

The ability to set it up so that a person is rostered with another volunteer is something that we're wanting to look into soon, but we haven't thought of having a preference to always serve in two specific positions at the same time. I'll add a feature request for this.

Hope this helps,