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Add Feature to Services/Volunteers to be able to Choose When Notifications are Sent

We like to enter our service plans a few months in advance when we can, but we don't want to send the volunteer roster notifications right away. It would be great to add a feature whereby we can select the number of weeks prior to a service that volunteers are notified. For example, we could setup the service plan 3 months in advance, but the roster notifications would go out 3 weeks prior to the service. We have found that if we send volunteer roster notifications too soon they are ignored or forgotten about. 

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the question.

There's a number of settings under Settings > Services that you can enable and change based on your needs. For your particular need I would suggest having the Volunteer Follow-up emails enabled, so that volunteers get automatically emailed until they confirm/decline the request, and you can enable a reminder a certain number of days before the service as needed.

Hope this helps,