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Fonts for song charts

With the new update, they have changed all the fonts for chord charts and lyrics to Courier and fonts like it. My team is finding it harder to read. It would be awesome if they could add Ariel back or something like it. Also, any older chart I already had in the system with the old fonts looks like a horror show, so I'm having to go back and change all the old charts. 

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Hi Nolie,

Thanks for the email.

I'll put a feature request in for a more arial-like font. We changed all the fonts to monospaced variants to improve on the chord charts that we can generate and to fix a number of issues with chords not lining up as they had been. 

If you email our support email address with any specific information about songs that you're having issues with I'll look into it for you and see what we can do to fix them up so that they're not a horror show.

Happy to help,