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Turning off Label Printing for Midweek Service

We are using label printing on Sunday Mornings and it's going GREAT! However, we use the checkin system for our midweek service but we don't need to print labels.

The only setting I've found for this is to disable label printing all together which isn't easy to get to and has to be changed back and forth.

Is there another way to do this? If not, this would be a MAJOR feature request. 

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the question. 

At this stage there's no way to do this directly in Elvanto though. 

Your computers that do the printing though will be able to 'Pause' the print queue though, so that while they're receiving the print jobs they don't send them directly to the printer. After the service you can then delete all the print jobs so that they don't get sent to the printer at a later date.

Hope this helps,