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Spotify Links not working within Elvanto iOS app

Hey Team,

Currently, the feature within the Elvanto app allowing you to direct users to Spotify links within the song library isn't working. I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus 64GB running iOS 10.0.2. The Elvanto app is opening the Spotify link up in the web browser on the app itself. When I click play on Spotify it isn't taking me to the app on my phone and the song isn't even playing.

(1.8 MB)

Hi James,

Thanks for the post.

I don't believe we have actually added anything to the app itself for this, but I'll look into this for you.

Can I please check if you know which of the three formats you're using that you're having issues with?


Actually... it can't be the first one as we don't allow those links, so I'm going to assume from your screenshot it's the second.

I'll check this out for you.


Yes it's the second one. Thanks Stewart!
Same issue in another song I've tried from a different artist and album.
(1.93 MB)

Thanks for that James.

I've just taken a look and passed this onto the developers to look into it for you.

The fact that the 'Play on spotify' button isn't working isn't something we can handle, it should be working as that's entirely spotify at that point. 

With that being said, there's definitely ways that we could improve this.


Would be awesome to get a feature where it would directly open the Spotify Track within the Spotify app? Most apps like safari can direct you to Facebook, YouTube etc. Thanks for your help Stewart!