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Invited Guests at repeating events

Is there any way to repeat an event and separate the guest list from one occurrence to another?

For example, choir practice is on Thursdays. We created a group repeating event, invited the choir group to it. Then We created a multiple event form for members to indicate when they could and could not attend. But we discovered that their most recent response on any date changes their response for every date. 

How do others do this? (We're also waiting for the ability to "duplicate" and change an event).

Hi Bill.

This only happens when you invite people to the event when it's not repeating, and then edit the event to be repeating.

Anyone that you invite to the event after marking it as repeating will not have this issue. The developers are aware of this issue and are wanting to look into this in a future update. 

We will be looking at duplicating events as part of our update to event registration and payment.

Hope this helps,


Thanks, Stewart, for the workaround. That helps. I thought I was being clever and saving work by inviting the group before making it repeating.