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Printable Report - one family per page for checking details

Every year we ask families in our church to check their details and make changes if needed. We currently export from Elvanto as CSV. Try to match people as families through a series of spreadsheets, export into another CSV file and then import into InDesign, and print from there. 

This is a hugely tedious process. Many members of our church are elderly and don't want to be setting up another password to log in to our church database and check their details there.

Can we get a simple one-family-per-page report in Elvanto, please?

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Hi Murray,

What sort of details are you wanting on these reports?

You may be able to use the "Family Contact Details" placeholder in a letter template, depending on what details you want.


For the family as a whole - Surname, Address, Suburb, Postcode

For each person - Firstname, Mobile, Email, School grade (for students), and a custom field if they have signed as a church member.

Thanks for that Murray.

So very close, but not quite close enough.

The Family Contact Details field can do the following for each person:

  • Home Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Phone Number
  • Birthday

You can pick which fields it includes under Settings > People, but can only pick from those fields for now.

At this point I'd be more comfortable with pointing you to generating letters, or even emails, but we can't quite do the fields you want right now.

I'll add your support to an existing request to let you customize the fields more that come through with that field.