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Check-in Room Override

We had a situation where a 4 year old was dropped off in the nursery with his 2 year old brother. However, since we have the demographic range for the nursery set to 18 month and younger, the worker checked him into a Sunday school class. this undermines the entire check-in system. If I set every room wide-open, accepting any demographic, then each check-in requires searching for the appropriate room, opening us up to more mistakes. Is there no way to override the appropriate room for instances like this, or times when a younger friend goes to class with an older friend? Obviously, if we don't have a true record of who was in what room at any given time, then the system cannot serve it's intended purpose. Anyone have any ideas? Did I miss a settings somewhere?

Hi Chris

At this point in time there's no real way around this. The system will only let you check people into the rooms that their demographics line up with, so unless their demographics also lined up with the room that the older friend/family member was going to, they couldn't be checked into that room.

As per this blog post we do want to do a major upgrade to the check-in area which will enable us to look into situations like this though, although right now we're planning this out. We need to finalise a few other areas we're working on first before we can look into implementing the changes that we're wanting to do.

I'll make sure this is in our list of enhancements though for you :)


Thanks. I am sad that these sort of features aren't part of the system already. We're deciding now whether or not to revert back to pen and paper until you roll out the updates. Check-in was a big factor in choosing Elvanto, but I think it may still be too much in infancy to be useable for us. We really look forward to the new version! :)