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Add Totals Per Account to Transaction Report

We offer a direct deposit option handled directly between our church account and that of the giver, no third party involvement.

In order to get those transactions into our financials, I add all the transactions in a .csv file and import them into a new batch.

Inside the batch, each transaction has the correct date.  The problem is when it comes to reporting YTD.  If I put the batch date at the beginning of the year, things look too good, as all the direct deposit values for the whole year are showing on the reports.  If I put the batch date at the end of the year, all the direct transactions are missing from the reports until the end of the year.

If I use the transaction report, the numbers at the bottom are correct, but there is no way to hide the details and provide a total.  I'd like to have  a report that gives an accurate snapshot of YTD giving.

Is there a way that the Batch report with a custom date filter could read from the transaction date rather than the batch date?


Is there a way that the Transaction Report could have a Totals Per Account option like the batch report?

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We may look into an option for this in the future, but for now I recommend only putting transactions into a batch that has the same date as the transaction.